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Control. Reliability. Immediate results.

Redefining thrombectomy to improve
patient outcomes.

The FDA-cleared WOLF Thrombectomy platform technology incorporates specific design features that efficiently address the varying clot morphology and vessel sizes of peripheral arteries and veins.

How it works

Using mechanical conveyor technology with the proprietary Devortex™ Sleeve, WOLF is designed to ingest both soft and organized clot – with no thrombolytics and no blood loss.1 WOLF offers reliable and immediate results in patients with thrombotic lesions, without the need for capital equipment.


Reliably ingests both soft and organized clot1

  • 20-100x greater clot ingestion force than aspiration catheters of the same size2
  • No collapse of blood vessel
  • No clogging
  • Ideal for clot with short landing zones


Minimizes blood loss and need for thrombolytics

  • Designed to ingest only clot
  • Low-profile solution can help reduce entry site complications
  • Minimal impact on vessel wall and valves from atraumatic design3,4,5
  • Designed to diminish chance of distal emboli with proximal ‘en bloc’ clot ingestion technology


Provides immediate and controlled results with no waiting time

  • OTW (over-the-wire) for fast exchanges
  • Ability to treat a broad range of anatomical clot locations
  • Minimal to no ICU stay due to decreased need for thrombolytics
  • No capital

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